Jain Public School,Korba, CG.



Sri R. Chenraj Jain

Welcome to Jain Public School! We are a school that prides itself not only in fostering academic excellence but also in making the time our learners spend at the school satisfying, fulfilling and joyous. These formative years should be remembered by our children throughout their lives.

As a school, we firmly believe that education should be for life, not just for a living. Education should serve not only to develop one’s intelligence and skills, but also help broaden one’s outlook and make a person useful and the world at large.

An invigorating value based learning experience awaits our students at JPS. Through participation in this programme, the students learn about the culture, custom and religion of other people in order to appreciate the universal oneness; appreciate the human values that are essential to the development of character and consistently put them into practice; develop self-discipline and self-confidence necessary to promote the fulfillment of their potential; develop a healthy attitude towards their environment; develop the value skills needed for personal, family community, national and world harmony.

Likewise, sports education in distinctive feature at JPS. Sports are for fun, but they also offer benefits and lessons that carry over into all aspects of life. Students enjoy sports because sports is essentially about speed, strength, coordination, vision, creativity, and responsiveness-According to researchers, children who participate in organized sports do better in school, have better interpersonal skills, one more team oriented, and are generally healthier. Participation in sports provides opportunities for leadership and socialization, as well as the development of skills for handling success and failure.

Our academic programmes, which include cross-disciplinary subjects, will develop our children as total individuals who will be highly skilled in today’s world that often demands the bridging of several disciplines. Every effort will be made to offer rigorous and relevant learning experience that enlarge students fully and prepare them for continued success beyond their schooling phase.

I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you and your child to JPS.

Dr. Roychand Chenraj Jain

Founder Chairman
Jain Group of Institutions